Chorus9 is a private limited company registered under Indian companies Act and leaded by two professionals of national fame. The concept of Chorus9 introduced 9 services leaded by 9 industry experts. Chorus9 is a leading service provider of multiple services throughout the globe. We are dedicated to helping clients grow through our combined business solutions and thoughtful innovation.... Read More



Chorus 9 Services join hands with Ellvo e-Learning
Chorus 9 Services Pvt. Ltd. Is now one of the eminent partners of Ellvo e-Learning Pvt. Ltd. As upcoming leaders in the field, ELLVO's founders realized it was time to create a new kind of blended services firm - one that could manage complex projects and provide unmatched service to ever lasting relationships and produce tangible results which justify ROI and best value for money to its customers. ELLVO was founded in 2011 to fulfill this vision. Both the organizations are working on various joint projects.

Chorus 9 Services signed MoU with Karry Infosys Chorus 9 Services Pvt. Ltd. Signed MoU with one of the reputed Noida based online technology service provider company Karry Infosys to execute joint projects for its eminent clients. In a short span of time, Karry has rooted itself firmly in providing 360 degrees IT solutions. So be it E commerce solution, Mobile Application development strategies, social media optimization or web designing and development solution.. the company's experts are able to handle any projects


Recently under its joint venture Chorus 9 Services and Ellvo e-Learning worked jointly on a localization project of Shell Lubricants. The job includes localization, online testing, Voice-Over integration and so on in multiple languages. The first phase of project is completed and the second phase is under process.

Under its understanding Karry Infosys and Chorus 9 Services jointly developed an e-Commerce portal for one of its client Life Solutions. The job is well appreciated by the client. The client appreciated both the organization for timely delivery, back end... Read More


We cover a wide range of languages, which includes, but not limited to: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese etc. and all Indic Languages including but not limited to Maratthi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujrati, Bengali, Hindi and some rare languages like Bhojpuri, Maithili and so on,


CAT Tools (Computer Aided Translation Tools): Trados Studio, SLDX, Xliff Editor, LogoPort, MS – Helium, MS LocStudio, WordFast and so on.
Audio: Nuendo, Sound Forge, Wave Lab, Pro tool, Sony Vegas, Logic Pro, Avid, Audio-Visual: FCP, Adobe Premier, Animation: Adobe Flash CS [Entire Version], Web Solutions: Dreamweaver, WordPress, Open Source, CMS e-Learning: Lectora Authoring Software.


Fonts: We work in almost all the fonts, including Unicode, ATM & TrueType. Our Graphics team can deliver you the same output as the source, in multiple languages.  
Apart from that you may share your specific need and we can manage the expert resource for you.


Our clients hire us because they have needs. To be truly successful, first we accurately understand what those needs are. As you know project managers often have an incomplete picture of what the client really wants, filling in the gaps in their information with assumptions based on their previous experience or technical expertise. But our wise project manager recognizes the importance of carefully aligning the client's and consultant's perceptions of the needs driving the project.

The tendency in our industry is to focus on our client's technical needs. That's where our strengths lie. But we address your three basic levels of needs:

Technical needs: These are needs that can generally be specifically defined, analyzed, and addressed through specialized expertise. Technical needs are commonly articulated by your work order, or contract.

Strategic needs:. These are needs that impact the overall success of your organization. This would include financial, competitive, political, and operational issues. Strategic needs can be more difficult to specifically define, are broader in scope, and require a more comprehensive mix of business and technical skills to address.

Personal needs: Because our clients are people, they bring to every project their own set of personal and subjective needs—just as you do. Personal needs often are not well defined unless you ask, and they differ among the individuals you work with in the client... Read More


From past 18 years I am working with Shivani, one of the directors of Chorus 9 Services. Together we worked on 100 of projects and it was really an excellent experience. She supported our various projects related with TV Serials, Documentaries and movies. As a concept writer, script writer, or the director she performed beyond our expectations. I wish all the best to her new endeavor, Chorus 9 Services. 

Dilip Sood
Director, DS Films

I recently got associated with such a dynamic team. During one of our multilingual translation projects for an International client I outsourced the job to various vendors, one of them was Chorus 9  Services, to whom I allocated only one project of translation from ENG>HIN language pair. The basic challenge for us was to maintain the designing and formatting similar to pdf files as provided by client. There was a lot of graphics and designing and all the software were failed to support us and also client did not paid any additional amount for layout.  It was the time when Chorus 9 came forward to help us. They did all the possible effort to maintain the same and supported us with the designing and formatting for all the languages. It was the time when I decided to sign a MoU with this dynamic and supportive team. Now we are working collaboratively on various projects.

Viswaroop Mukharjee
Director – Ellvo e-Learning P. Ltd.

As a client what we should choose? a vendor or a consultant? I preferred to choose a consultant like Chorus 9 Services for one of our ambitious online project. Today I am quite happy to choose a consultant who guides and suggests you for the better option, not based on cost, rather on project success. Just after one or two meetings we decided to join hands with Chorus 9 for all of our technological needs. Today our project is progressing with an unexpected pace and shortly we are coming up with India’s best multilingual Education Portal. We appreciate professional and at the same time personal attitude and approach of Chorus 9 Team and specifically their passion for client satisfaction.

Rajesh Lal
Trustee, GIIPM

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